The E Cigarette:

The E Cigarette starts as a curiosity and then slowly begins to take shape as an ingenious little piece of technology. We created VaporSignals to appeal to everyone from the merely curious, who question if they should try e cigarrttes, to those who have been vaping for years and are actively modding their vaporizers and everyone in between. Here we give a brief overview of the e cigarette, or electronic cigarette and it’s history as well as include a number of links to other articles to learn more about this emerging technology.

A Brief History of the E Cigarette

In 1967 when Herbert Gilbert patented the idea of warm, moist flavored air, smoking was in still in its heyday. Big Tobacco was getting rich and people were getting cancer, but cigarettes were socially acceptable. Approximately 42% of adults were smokers back then, compared to the 19% who are smokers today. While it is known that some companies approached Mr. Gilbert with interest in manufacturing his device, it is of great wonder that it was never produced.


Fast forward to 2003, and in steps, Hon Lik. Mr. Lik was a heavy smoker and a pharmacist in China. The fine line between marketing, mythology and truth is hard to discern especially when Mr. Lik claims that the idea came to him in a dream in 2000, nightmares of coughing, weezing, and feeling like he was drowning, the water lifted in a fog and the idea for e cigarettes were born. In 2003 a patent was awarded to Mr. Lik for a device that contained water, nicotine and Propylene Glycol (PG- the stuff in fog machines) vaporized by a piezo electric ultrasound device to produce smoke and deliver nicotine to the user. Hon Lik’s invention and ideas were brought to life as the first generation of e-cigarettes and were expanded on until the second generation was developed around 2008.

The first e-cigarettes were imported to the United States around 2009 and were of the second generation. E cigarette manufacturers in China thought the US was a ripe ground for exportation and they were right. While e cigs have yet to reach the mainstream, it is now possible to go to many gas stations, convenience stores and gas stations to find disposable E cigs. Also, rechargable Electronic Cigarettes are becoming more widely available and specialty stores, like Vapor Den in San Francisco and Berkeley are beginning to pop up offering juice and vaporizers for the more advanced vaper.

To learn more about E Cigarettes check out our article on E Cigarette Basics, where we go over the different types of e cigarettes, their parts and functions.