­So you’re wondering if you should try e-cigarettes, or e-cigs, or vaping. Maybe you’ve heard about it from a friend. Maybe you’ve seen Stephen Dorff in this Blu commercial (below), or heard about Leonardo Decaprio smoking E-cigs inside of bars. Or perhaps you are trying to quit smoking but you really enjoy the smoke aspect, the taste, the look, the feel. You watch the movie smoke and identify with Harvey Keitel or Jim Jarmush when he talks about his favorite brand. Every cigarette is your last. Above all you love nicotine. It’s okay, at VaporSignals, we’ll admit it, we are addicted to nicotine. This makes me believe I love cigarettes.

After dinner cigarettes, after sex cigarettes, the first cigarette in the morning that goes so well with coffee; each cigarette serves a different purpose and denotes something bigger than just smoke and nicotine.  Whether it is a break from work, a moment to reflect, a crutch of support in hard times- smoking is greater than just a cigarette. There’s a reason that Native American’s smoked tobacco in their peace pipes. Cigarettes are amazing, except for what they do to your health and how bad they smell. I can be objective here. They stink.

When I started smoking I would have conversations about “why can’t there be a safe cigarette” or “I would smoke forever if only it didn’t destroy my lungs”. I could write forever about the million and one things I love about cigarettes.

I was emailing with a friend a few months ago and he asked me if I was smoking. I was sheepish and replied “Yeah.” He asked me about e-cigarettes and I scoffed. Then I met John and he started asking me if I ever considered e-cigarettes. I was sheepish and replied  “Nah”. A few days later he handed me a eGo C Twist(link) with an Clearomizer (link) filled with Vanilla Juice (link). I puffed on it and took it home. We talked some more about e-cigs and why I should try e-cigarettes. I smoked the eGo (link) at home. I smoked after dinner, with coffee, while relaxing, while driving. Every time I felt the familiar tingle of a Nic Fit I would smoke a little bit of the eGo.

At first, I didn’t know what I was doing. Then I began to read more about Vaping (link), Vaporizers (link), e-cigs, and whatever else I could consume.  I read forums, health reports like the one in Forbes. I would smoke the occasional cigarette but found myself preferring the e-cig more and more. I tried different flavors, disposables, brands, and kept an open mind and found that I enjoy e-cigs more than regular cigarettes. I don’t stink, my taste has returned and I feel better knowing that I am not inhaling a boatload of carcinogens or harming the people and animals around me.

So to answer “Should I try e-cigarettes?” I have one word. Yes.