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The Vapor Zeus story began two years ago as an invention created by Steve Milin. He wanted an electronic cigarette battery that embodied vaping bliss. After countless prototypes and thousands of hours of his life poured into this product, he continued to search for ways to cement the Vapor Zeus as god of the e-cigarette battery industry. Finally, the finished product is here and we are thrilled to showcase our latest and greatest. If there’s one Vapor4Life product that says “Steve,” it’s the Vapor Zeus.

The Vapor Zeus Automatic Battery provides 5 volts of power and up to 12 hours of vaping on a single charge. Compatible with all Vapor4Life products, attach a Smileomizer to give this battery the realistic look of a cigar. Purchase the Vapor Zeus Automatic Starter Kit to get all the accessories.

The uniqueness is in the cartomizer tank, which features a cigar-like profile and rubber tip that mimicks that of a handrolled cigar.

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velvet cloud vapor

Velvet Cloud Vapor, based in San Francisco, delivers another gourmet delight in their collection of handcrafted e-liquid by combining the sweet hint of caramel with a rich tobacco blend.

The Caramel Tobacco eliquid was quite a surprise that drew fellow vapers in to try it out.

In the our previous review of the Vanilla Custard eLiquid, I would put the blend in a premium category, but for my personal taste, it didn’t quite hit the sweet spot for my vaping pleasure, but I will continue to try more from their offering.



The bottle shown below was custom labeled, shipped in a padded envelope within a few days of ordering.

Caramel Tobacco eLiquid

Brand: Velvet Cloud Vapor

Flavor: Caramel Tobacco

Taste Accuracy: 3/5

Throat Hit: 3/5

After taste: 3/5

Order Caramel Tobacco eLiquid

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velvet cloud vapor

The vapor cloud in SF is thick – but tasty ;)   Looking for local organic 100% VG juice that tasted good – I quickly found Velvet Cloud Vapor that had a nice collection of gourmet juices.

The Vanilla Custard eJuice was mild and not overwhelmingly sweet. The smoke was thick and smooth. I got the 6ml nicotine concentration which produced a mild throat hit even with my variable volt automatic turned up to the 4.8V max.



Brand: Velvet Cloud Vapor

Flavor: Vanilla Custard

Taste Accuracy: 5/5

Throat Hit: 4/5

After taste: 5/5

Order Vanilla Custard eLiquid


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Vapor4Life introduces the world’s first variable voltage automatic vaporizer. Offer a high output 1100mAh battery, this sleek automatic variable voltage battery also features the finest stainless steel connector, encased in a velvet touch shell. To select your desired power, simply twist the silver dial at the bottom of the battery. This KR808D-threaded variable voltage device gives between 3.2 and 4.8 volts, and lasts up to 16 hours between charges! Attach a cartomizer or tank filled with your favorite e-liquid, choose your preferred voltage and vape away.

The variable voltage lets you fine tune your vaporizer to get the most out of your eJuice, and adjust the vapor temperature, and intensity of your throat hit.

Retailing at $70, this vaporizer sets the new standard in variable voltage devices at an valuable price. For a limited time they are offering it at special pricing, so check out the Vapor4Life Dial-a-Volt.






Shown with 6ml eLiquid tank


Shown with 3.5 ml eLiquid tank


Charger for the Dial-a-Volt features a threaded adapter for the battery – sans sloppy cord = Huge Plus!




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grape-cartomizersGrape Hubba bubba was an all-time childhood favorite, and the Vapor4Life Grape cartomizers and e Liquid bring me back to those days without the high sugar content.

This is the first mild fruit flavor that still covers up the base glycerine.

On the Vapor4Life Dial-a-Volt, it hits mild to heavy and tastes great 3.5-4.2V.





Brand: Vapor4Life

Flavor: Grape

Taste Accuracy: 5/5

Throat Hit: 4/5

After taste: 5/5

Order some Grape eLiquid

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modern-tea-infuserTired of the invariable taste of tea bags, and the inconvenience of cleaning up the whole teapot set, you still need a cup of tea to comfort your soul.

The name “Tealeidoscope” was inspired by the childhood memories of looking into the Kaleidoscope and being amazed by the fascinating patterns. Feel the warmth of the cup in your hands, and inhale the delicate aroma of the tea. That is the reason why you love drinking tea. Scoop some tea leaves from the canister with the Tealeidoscope, and choose your favorite tea cup. Pour some hot water into the cup and stir with the Tealeidoscope gently. Every step is a joy. Tealeidoscope reminds you of the delight of looking through a kaleidoscope when you relax yourself and watch the tea leaves slowly stretch.

Quality assurance:
The Tealeidoscope by Lanto is made of very fine and pure food grade, BPA-Free materials, which have a very wide range of temperature tolerance from -40°C to 110°C.
Its intelligent design gives a unique convenience and reliability for holding and functioning. It is a durable utensil with proper maintenance.

To clean: wash with clear water and air-dry. Dishwasher safe away from heating element
Warning: keep away from fire and do not microwave

Temperature tolerance: -40°C ~110°C
Material:Stainless Steel, PP Polypropylene, Tritan, BPA-Free
Designed and made in Taiwan.

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Thinking about trying e-cigarettes? The blu classic tobacco disposable e-cigarette is a great introduction to e-cigs and vaping. From the convenience of being able to pick one up in your local corner store for a fair price, and a decent flavor and feel, the blu classic tobacco e-cig is a great introduction to e-cigs, or a great portable, leak free option.

The Blue Disposable E-cigarette Review:

Have to hit it hard to get a good plume. Interesting flavor. Very toasted tobacco bordering on coffee. Great in a pinch, but not my go to.


Brand: Johnson Creek

Flavor: Tobacco

Taste: 3/5

Throat Hit: 3/5

After taste: 3/5


Order the Classic Tobacco Blu

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blu-menthol_ecigThe Blu eCigarette Disposable Magnificent Menthol features juice from from Johnson Creek. Johnson Creek was started in 2008 by former retail manager and avid e-cigarette user, Christian Berkey, Johnson Creek was founded with a singular mission: to improve the taste of e-liquid. Coined “smoke juice”, the company’s original formula, distinct for its hand-crafted assembly and its seven FDA-approved ingredients, quickly set the standard for the entire e-cigarette industry. Today, Johnson Creek Original Smoke Juice is synonymous with superior quality and flavor. Johnson Creek Smoke Juice has helped make blu the #1 selling electronic cigarette and guarantees that the complete line of blu smokeless tobacco products always meets the highest benchmarks of quality and satisfaction.

The Review:

The Blu e Cigarette Magnificent Menthol Disposable is a great disposable menthol. Tastes like menthol mixed with tobacco. Most realistic tasting vape to cigarette comp. Great in a pinch or for portability/ disposability. Need to hit hard to get maximum vape and use the carb. While the taste is superb, I wish there was a longer lasting menthol aftertaste.

Brand: Johnson Creek

Flavor: Menthol

Taste: 4/5

Throat Hit: 3/5

After taste: 2/5


Order the Menthol Blu