As my personal recommendation based on all the products I’ve tried, here is a rundown of what I strongly recommend you purchase to get started. Clicking on each image will open a new window and all you’ll need to do is select a product option, and Add to Cart. Adding the 4 items below should bring you to about $50.


Get a pen-style vaporizer battery from Joyetech or Evod. These are the leading brands that everyone copies and private labels. The options for batteries will be:

  • Fixed Voltage vs Variable Voltage – a nice to have to fine tune flavor
  • Battery Capacity (900mAh vs 1100mAh vs whatever)
  • USB Passthru – allows you to use it while charging (otherwise you need to unscrew your clearomizer tank while you wait.

Clearomizer – also loosely referenced as an atomizer or tank

You’ll need at least one of these to hold your juice. I’d go with a clear in the 2 ohm model to easily see the liquid levels, but you shouldn’t notice the difference between the various options (1.6 vs 2.2 ohm models.) If you like vaping, you’ll end up going through many of these to change ejuice flavors.

Kanger Evod Bottom Coil Clearomizer


Charging the non-usb model requires you to unscrew the clearomizer. The USB model does not require the purchase of an additional charger. It uses a standard mini-USB cable. Most kits should include the charger.


For starting out, the vanilla is typically the starting point. You will spend the rest of your vaping life exploring all the gourmet flavors out there, and may end up making your own. Start with the 12mg strength of nicotine and work your way up or down. It will be the equivalent of a ‘Light’ cigarette.

LIQUA Vanilla

Starter Kits

There aren’t that many starter kits that include an ideal clearomizer, so I piece-mealed the components individually above. However, this kit below has all nice components.
Dragonfly eCigs Evod Twist Starter Kit