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Five Pawns eLiquid is the best I’ve sampled thus far. They currently offer just five flavors of expertly-blended juices that should appeal to just about anyone. I had the pleasure of getting the introduction to Five Pawns at the Vapor Den in San Francisco, where the dessert oriented flavor profiles wowed several people included the store operator. Here are the flavors:

  • GRANDMASTER: Smooth creamy peanut butter with banana cream and balanced with velvety caramel. Buttery and smooth with a medium bodied throat hit.
  • ABSOLUTE PIN: Intense complexity of Irish cream, cinnamon spice, and caramel with subtle absinthe undertones.  Lively and with a medium to full bodied throat hit.
  • GAMBIT: Sweet and mellow ripe apple with savory pie crust and caramel. Topped off with French Vanilla ice cream and unsweetened whipped cream. Sweet and savory with a medium bodied throat hit.
  • QUEENSIDE:  Delicate blood orange with creamy French vanilla.  Light yet creamy citrus with a medium bodied throat hit.
  • BOWDEN’S MATE: Crisp mint with subtle chocolate undertones and a French vanilla finish. Delicate yet soft with a refreshing tingle and medium to full bodied throat hit.

The eLiquid is packaged uniquely in a cardboard cylinder, and the liquid prepared in 30mL glass eye-dropper bottles. Finally, a company that delivers in glass bottles! Each bottle is numbered within the batch, and given custom labels.




I sampled all five flavors, and went for the Gambit, which I would describe best as a cinnamon apple pie – producing the richest flavors blended masterfully.

These are liquids that are full-bodied and fill up your entire palate, begging for more. Give Five Pawns a shot.