Flavors Categories:

  • Tobacco
  • Fruit
  • Sweets
  • Desserts
  • Beverages
  • Coffee
  • (and many more)

There are many different flavors and flavor combinations in the e-liquid world. You can purchase concentrated flavors from various e-liquid vendors to either add to your juice, or mixing your own. Be careful when purchasing concentrated flavors. Be sure that the flavor you purchase is safe for vaping. Make sure that these flavors are food grade and have no harmful chemicals when vaped. Most e-liquid vendors that sell concentrated flavors usually have this information on their product page and a staff that can answer any questions or concerns.

I’ve seen a few different recommendations about this online, from vendors and vapers but because I’m impatient I’ve learned the hard way – often times juice arrives and the flavor is ‘off’. Usually weak in flavor or even plasticy tasting. After a week, its usually better.

Nicotine Level
-measured in mg/ml
-zero to extra high (0-48)

Below is a quick rule of thumb you can use to get fitted:

  • 0.6 ultralight cigs
  • 1.2 light cigs
  • 1.8 medium cigs
  • 2.4 Marlboro reds

-strength increases throat hit, buzzed feelings
A bonus to vaping is that you can vape zero nicotine e-liquid.  If you’re converting from smoking and you want you want to mimic the sensation.

Most e-liquid vendors offer different nicotine strength to be added in their e-liquid. Some vendors offer more options than others. Nicotine strength is usually measured in mg or %. Low is usually considered between 6mg or 0.6% to 8mg or 0.8%. Medium usually ranges between 10mg (1.0%) to 12mg (1.2%) and high is usually considered 18mg (1.8%) to 24mg (2.4%) or higher. The lowering and raising of the nicotine levels is a lot like smoking a standard pack of cigarettes, then switching to lights, then ultra lights.

If you’re trying to be healthier, you can start with an 24mg nicotine strength juice and work his way down.  I smoked Parliment lights, started with 18mg and am now down to 6mg.  Most beginners will probably want 12-18mg strength to start.  If you smoked Reds you’ll want 18 or higher.  If you smoked ultra lights try 6.

Start with 50/50 and adjust from there. Increase the VG and your juice and vapor will be thicker. Too thick and gunk will accumulate.  Every flavor from every vendor vapes a little different of every unit so pick your poison.

Pre-filled Cartomizers vs. Everything Else
When we first started vaping instead of smoking, we used pre-filled cartomizers from Blu.  They’re convenient. Their flavors were yummy. But we ended up with all these used carts laying around like little plastic cigarette butts. It seemed like a waste to throw them away and eventually we got some juice, popped the tops off and started refilling them.

Dripping vs. Filling
There are people out there that like to drip. This means dripping a few drops of eliquid directly on to an atomizer or down a drip tip. I think its the routine of it.  It’s like packing your stogies.  It gets you ‘ready’ to vape.  its part of the ceremony.  I maybe think its nice for trying new flavors a little at a time but it a little high maintenance for me. I have a 3ml tank and I fill it once a day.

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