Essential Terms used in the industry to describe parts, techniques, and practices. When perusing the vast information online, many Websites will reference an overwhelming amount of lingo, so we’ve included many common terms. Feel free to ask about terms not listed.

510 / 808 – Are common thread sizes that connect the battery to the eliquid tank. An eGo typically uses a 510 connection with Cone Threads. The KR-808-D thread is the common size used for cartomizers like Blu’s. The less popular thread sizes are the 801 and 901.

Atomizer – The unit that where the heating coil meets the juice to create vapor. People can refer to this as the clearomizer, tank or cartomizer, but the truth is the both of these contain an atomizer. Nicknamed ‘atty’.

BCC – A bottom coil clearomizer

Bridge - A piece of metal, typically coated in steel mesh, found in most atomizers that is designed to wick e-juice from the cartridge. Since atomizers are most often used solely for dripping these days, the bridge is often removed in what is known as “debridging an atomizer”.

vapor4life-cartomizersCartomizer – The tips sold with juice that attaches to a battery. It contains the heating coil and juice into a single unit. All the disposable ecig companies are really in business to sell cartomizers, just as Gillette sell razor cartridges and not handles. Nicknamed “carto”.



Cartomizer Tank (above) – A common tank based on the design where a tank is fitted around an empty cartomizer where it could allow juice to flow from the tank into small holes within the cartomizer.

Cone Threads – Threading found on most eGo style batteries that accommodates the use of a cone. Some clearomizer manufacturers have begun to implement the usage of these cone threads to secure their atomizer to your battery.

clearomizerClearomizer – The popular type of tank atomizer that was introduced as an improved design to the tank cartomizer. It uses wicks to pull juice onto the heating coils instead of waiting for it to seep into holes in a cartomizer. Nicknamed “clearo”.

Dripping – The process of dripping e-juice directly onto the coil of an atomizer, vaping it for a few times, and then repeating the process. It is commonly used if you are not committed to vaping a single flavor of ejuice all day long and want to select what flavor you vape each session.

Dual-coil Atomizer – A cartomizer with 2 coils which allows juice to heat up juice to vapor form while not getting the unit, itself, too hot.

Drip Tip – Can really just be called a removable tip of a tank. The usage of ‘drip tip’ is because you often remove it to pour in your ejuice, or drip directly onto the atomizer.

EGo – Is a line of vaporizers manufactured by Joyetech in China. They were the first high quality line of pen-style vaporizers that were copied and relabeled by many companies, but many users reference this style as an ‘Ego’. (Sort of like ‘Kleenex’ is interchangeable with ’tissue’.)

PEG: Polyethylene Glycol, this is a newer alternative to the main ingredients in e-juice (PG and VG) that has been used in the last few years. It has health risks of its own, but some manufacturers of commencial e-juice do use it. Personally, I’d avoid it whenever possible.

PG: Propylene Gycol – The main base ingredient in e-juice.

VG: Vegetable Glycerin(e), aka Glycerol (the “e” is optional), is another main base ingredient to eliquid. It produces more vapor and is smoother on the throat hit.