Five Pawns Tasting Room

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Five Pawn prepares for grand opening of a tasting room to offer samplings of their newest eLiquid releases. The venue offers a industrial interior design finish, and will play great tunes as well as offer coffee service in the future. Five Pawns founder mentions they are keen in collecting as much feedback during the R&D… Read more »

Five Pawns eLiquid: A Sampler Review

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    Five Pawns eLiquid is the best I’ve sampled thus far. They currently offer just five flavors of expertly-blended juices that should appeal to just about anyone. I had the pleasure of getting the introduction to Five Pawns at the Vapor Den in San Francisco, where the dessert oriented flavor profiles wowed several people… Read more »

Ms T’s Vanilla Custard eJuice Review

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Ms. T's Bakery

A little trip to the Vapor Den in San Francisco to restock on eLiquid introduced me to Ms. T’s Bakery. I tried the PG-based the Snicker Doodle and Vanilla Custard which were both great. The Snicker Doodle had a pronounced realistic splash of cinnamon, but not overwhelming by any bit. The Vanilla Custard eJuice from Ms…. Read more »

Diacetyl-Free eJuice: Avoiding ‘Popcorn Lung’

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velvet cloud vapor

In 2007 a heavy consumer of microwaved popcorn was diagnosed by a doctor in Denver with “popcorn lung”.  On 16 January 2008, it was announced that Wayne Watson, the Denver consumer who developed “popcorn lung” after inhaling fumes from microwaved popcorn, was suing the Kroger grocery store chain and its affiliates. On September 19, 2012… Read more »

Vanilla Tobacco eLiquid by Velvet Cloud Vapor

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The first flavor of juice that really got me was a Vanilla that was bought from VaporDen in San Francisco. I had other flavors but it was the one that I felt defined what Vapor should taste like. It tasted better than tobacco and was satisfying to puff on. I then began mixing it with… Read more »

White Beard Tobacco eLiquid by Velvet Cloud Vapor

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After trying the 6mg Carmel Tobacco I decided to try a few more flavors from Velvet Cloud Vapor. I bought Whitebeard strictly based on it’s flavor profile description “Medium Tobacco flavoring, butterscotch, custard, and other ‘old-time favorites’”. To me this sounded decent but I was not expecting much especially as I was beginning to lean… Read more »

Caramel Tobacco eLiquid by Velvet Cloud Vapor

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Velvet Cloud Vapor, based in San Francisco, delivers another gourmet delight in their collection of handcrafted e-liquid by combining the sweet hint of caramel with a rich tobacco blend. The Caramel Tobacco eliquid was quite a surprise that drew fellow vapers in to try it out. In the our previous review of the Vanilla Custard… Read more »

Vanilla Custard e Liquid by Velvet Cloud

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The vapor cloud in SF is thick – but tasty   Looking for local organic 100% VG juice that tasted good – I quickly found Velvet Cloud Vapor that had a nice collection of gourmet juices. The Vanilla Custard eJuice was mild and not overwhelmingly sweet. The smoke was thick and smooth. I got the… Read more »

Grape Cartomizers and e Liquid

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Grape Hubba bubba was an all-time childhood favorite, and the Vapor4Life Grape cartomizers and e Liquid bring me back to those days without the high sugar content. This is the first mild fruit flavor that still covers up the base glycerine. On the Vapor4Life Dial-a-Volt, it hits mild to heavy and tastes great 3.5-4.2V.  … Read more »