VapeCase iPhone Vaporizer

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Don’t you hate it when you rush out the door, get to work and realize you left your vaporizer in your car or at home? Vaporizer + iPhone  = VapeCase, a new product from Lotus that combines two personal pieces of technology to make our lives a little more convenient. The case contains a separate… Read more »

USB Variable Voltage Mini Passthrough

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Don’t  you hate it when you vapor pen battery goes dead? It leaves you scrambling for your charger, which it usually plugged in at your desk. A cool vaping gadget I recently purchased was a mini USB passthrough vaporizer. Connect your EGO-style clearomizer to this USB-powered power source and you are vaping until your next… Read more »

Amazing Personal Humidifier

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This USB-powered humidifier by Bagus can produce up to 8 hrs of enjoyable moisture in your cubicle to not only help your breathing and improve skin condition, but also reduces airborne contaminants.  

Lanto Tea Infusers – Not your average bag, baby!

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Tired of the invariable taste of tea bags, and the inconvenience of cleaning up the whole teapot set, you still need a cup of tea to comfort your soul. The name “Tealeidoscope” was inspired by the childhood memories of looking into the Kaleidoscope and being amazed by the fascinating patterns. Feel the warmth of the… Read more »