VapeCase iPhone Vaporizer

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Don’t you hate it when you rush out the door, get to work and realize you left your vaporizer in your car or at home? Vaporizer + iPhone  = VapeCase, a new product from Lotus that combines two personal pieces of technology to make our lives a little more convenient. The case contains a separate… Read more »

Vapor Lounge: Walnut Creek eCig Store

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I had the opportunity to visit the eJuice bar at the Vapor Lounge in Walnut Creek, CA. In the past six months, three eCig shops have opened within 2 miles of each other, so it was my calling to start spreading the word. I was warmly greeted by the manager and perused the menu of… Read more »

eCig Shop Walnut Creek, CA

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An eCig store in Walnut Creek opening two months ago, featuring a wide selection of hardware and Liqua ejuice. The products are merchandised well, and will compete with Vapor Lounge on N. Broadway. The smaller layout shop offers a boutique feel, organized well, to make for an enjoyable vapor shopping experience. There are testers available,… Read more »

Five Pawns Tasting Room

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Five Pawn prepares for grand opening of a tasting room to offer samplings of their newest eLiquid releases. The venue offers a industrial interior design finish, and will play great tunes as well as offer coffee service in the future. Five Pawns founder mentions they are keen in collecting as much feedback during the R&D… Read more »

Rebuild a Clearomizer: Evod Coil Rebuilding

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If you’re feeling like it would be economical to replace your own coils versus buying new ones, here’s a great video tutorial on how to rebuild a Kanger EVOD coil. While many folks will not be too interested, watching the detailed breakdown of the steps helps expose the basic components of what lies within your… Read more »

USB Variable Voltage Mini Passthrough

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Don’t  you hate it when you vapor pen battery goes dead? It leaves you scrambling for your charger, which it usually plugged in at your desk. A cool vaping gadget I recently purchased was a mini USB passthrough vaporizer. Connect your EGO-style clearomizer to this USB-powered power source and you are vaping until your next… Read more »

Diacetyl-Free eJuice: Avoiding ‘Popcorn Lung’

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velvet cloud vapor

In 2007 a heavy consumer of microwaved popcorn was diagnosed by a doctor in Denver with “popcorn lung”.  On 16 January 2008, it was announced that Wayne Watson, the Denver consumer who developed “popcorn lung” after inhaling fumes from microwaved popcorn, was suing the Kroger grocery store chain and its affiliates. On September 19, 2012… Read more »