Unnecessary Bans on Vaping

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Ian Firth published a good piece illustrating how ridiculous it is to see bans on vaping in public spaces. https://medium.com/vaping-stories/what-if-i-never-exhaled-fd62a177b988

Taxing eCigarettes Not Making Sense to Experts

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An opinion piece on USNews shared a brief analysis on whether it made sense to tax eCigarettes. I would normally tend to think it’s just sleezy campaign marketing for the industry, but in this case, the author is an industry expert, having assumed roles in the White House advising on taxes and economic strategies. “Taxing… Read more »

Njoy or Not to Enjoy Prison: Inmates Opting for E-Cigarettes

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The NYTimes posted a story about a Tennessee prison offering electronic cigarettes to help settle mood swings, reduce fights, and raise additional funds to pay guards a little bonus. eCigBeat.com offered a great illustration to accompany this story.

Five Pawns eLiquid: A Sampler Review

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    Five Pawns eLiquid is the best I’ve sampled thus far. They currently offer just five flavors of expertly-blended juices that should appeal to just about anyone. I had the pleasure of getting the introduction to Five Pawns at the Vapor Den in San Francisco, where the dessert oriented flavor profiles wowed several people… Read more »

Ms T’s Vanilla Custard eJuice Review

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Ms. T's Bakery

A little trip to the Vapor Den in San Francisco to restock on eLiquid introduced me to Ms. T’s Bakery. I tried the PG-based the Snicker Doodle and Vanilla Custard which were both great. The Snicker Doodle had a pronounced realistic splash of cinnamon, but not overwhelming by any bit. The Vanilla Custard eJuice from Ms…. Read more »

Variable Voltage Vaporizer: Vapor4Life Dial-a-Volt

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Vapor4Life introduces the world’s first variable voltage automatic vaporizer. Offer a high output 1100mAh battery, this sleek automatic variable voltage battery also features the finest stainless steel connector, encased in a velvet touch shell. To select your desired power, simply twist the silver dial at the bottom of the battery. This KR808D-threaded variable voltage device… Read more »

Grape Cartomizers and e Liquid

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Grape Hubba bubba was an all-time childhood favorite, and the Vapor4Life Grape cartomizers and e Liquid bring me back to those days without the high sugar content. This is the first mild fruit flavor that still covers up the base glycerine. On the Vapor4Life Dial-a-Volt, it hits mild to heavy and tastes great 3.5-4.2V.  … Read more »

Peach Flavored e Liquid & Cartomizers by Vapor4Life

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Peach isn’t their best flavor, but very peachy, indeed. Very artificial tasting. Reminds me of my sister’s strawberry shortcake dolls or bad peach candy. Brand: Vapor4Life Flavor: Peach Flavor Accuracy: 4/5 Throat Hit: 3/5 After taste: 2/5   Order some Watermelon eCigs

Dr Pepper e Liquid by Vapor4Life

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Actually tastes like Dr. Pepper. Produces a lot of vapor (result of the vaporizer and cart). Much better than expected. After taste isn’t the best but a fun flavor. Best suited for an occasional vape, or looking for something fun. Brand: Vapor4Life Flavor: Dr Pepper Taste: 5/5 Throat Hit: 3/5 After taste: 2/5